Sarah Wants To Be The Stuffing In A 2big Manwich!!

2BTB_070824_Sarah_Pic1.jpg 2BTB_070824_Sarah_Pic2.jpg 2BTB_070824_Sarah_Pic3.jpg 2BTB_070824_Sarah_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Sarah Jessie
Movie Length: 25min 17sec
Oh poor Sarah, so pretty and thin, I guess she should have thought twice before letting these to big bad brotha’s in. They poked her hard and they poked her long, they poked Sarah with a couple of big African schlongs. Now Sarah walks around town with a little limp and all because she let these two jiggabos hit that shit!

Dee gets the sausage special, two foot long ….

2b2bt_060701_Dee-1.jpg 2b2bt_060701_Dee-2.jpg 2b2bt_060701_Dee-3.jpg 2b2bt_060701_Dee-4.jpg
Starring: Dee
Movie Length: 41min 42sec
Dee just took the ride of her life. Granted it caused her pussy great strife. After all it was a ride on a couple of well hung brotha’s. Whose cocks are bigger than all the others. With over two feet of hard black bone. And the ability to fuck like a ragin’ cyclone. Dee should just be happy she still has a workin’ poon. Cause most that fuck 2big pop like a balloon!!