A certified slut who just cant wait to get stuffed

2BTB_070403_Sophia-1.jpg 2BTB_070403_Sophia-2.jpg 2BTB_070403_Sophia-3.jpg 2BTB_070403_Sophia-4.jpg
Starring: Sophia Mounds
Movie Length: 37min 26sec
Now here is a slut that was found drunk and skipping down the street. Sophia claims to have had a lot of cock, but nothing like these two big meats! We took her back to the pad and asked her to close her eyes then we stuffed her mouth full of a chocolate surprise. She couldn’t get enough dick she said, so we brought in a 2nd dick for her to give head. Now Sledge and Boz didn’t take it easy on this one, I mean after all fucking this slut with two dicks was meant to be fun!

Trisha gets a double shot of chocolate cock

2BTB_070223_Trisha-1.jpg 2BTB_070223_Trisha-2.jpg 2BTB_070223_Trisha-3.jpg 2BTB_070223_Trisha-4.jpg
Starring: Trisha Rey
Movie Length: 42min 52sec
Now Trisha is the type of girl who likes it twice as hard, but this time she may have gone too far. Now she finds herself in the hands of these two bad brothas, and when they give poor Trish the dick down, she cums with a thunder! So sit down and relax and have some fun, because once Trisha gets started you wont leave until shes done.

Her sweet little pussy get owned by 2 bad brothas!

2BTB_061219_Aaliyah-1.jpg 2BTB_061219_Aaliyah-2.jpg 2BTB_061219_Aaliyah-3.jpg 2BTB_061219_Aaliyah-4.jpg
Starring: Aaliyah Jolie
Movie Length: 38min 06sec
Aaliyah was looking for something new in her life, maybe it was a black cock she needed to try. Poor Aalihah bit off more than she can chew, because now she faces the 2 big To Be True pussy wrecking crew! 2 big black dicks are better than one she said, because while she gets fucked she can still give head. Two big dicks and one little blonde all just for you, right here at 2 Big To Be True!